At Fluke, we believe in growth.

Our employees take on big challenges. We are honest about what’s working and what isn’t, and we work hard to innovate and get better. With a passionate focus on our markets and our customers, we work together to make a genuine difference in the world. We know the only way to achieve these aspirations is through our people — great people equipped with proven tools and an environment that enables them to seize opportunities, imagine the next breakthrough and create the next innovation.
Employee Testimonial
“In my role I love that I’m able to work with not just data, but people too. It can be intimidating to take on more responsibility because you’re not sure what you’re getting yourself into. What’s helped me is not be afraid to ask for help and ask why. It’s important to be a self-starter because with just a push in the right direction, you will learn as you go and have support along the way.”
– Ashraf Alazadi, Global Compensation Consultant
Employee Testimonial
“Coming into my role, I didn’t know the industry well. Within the first month, I scheduled a business trip to
the East Coast to shadow a sales rep. This hands-on experience with customers highlighted their workflow, their needs and how I could make their jobs easier. We focus on the customer first. There’s no point in developing a product and then looking for customers afterward."
– Michael Raiche, Business Unit Manager
Employee Testimonial
“I always have opportunities at Fluke to learn more about the business and myself. I find the most successful people here are the people who love solving problems and value other people’s contributions. There are many companies in the world that could not do what they do without Fluke’s support. To stay on top, we have a sports mentality – always looking to be better, faster and stronger, while still having fun along the way."
– Kate French, Program Manager

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