At Fluke, we believe in growth.

Our employees take on big challenges. We are honest about what’s working and what isn’t, and we work hard to innovate and get better. With a passionate focus on our markets and our customers, we work together to make a genuine difference in the world. We know the only way to achieve these aspirations is through our people — great people equipped with proven tools and an environment that enables them to seize opportunities, imagine the next breakthrough and create the next innovation.
Employee Testimonial
“Those who aren’t afraid to put in the effort will find themselves surrounded by exciting opportunities followed by tremendous growth.”
– Steven Hsieh
Employee Testimonial
“Finally a company that cares about my engagement just as much as I do.”
– Lindsay Schutter
Employee Testimonial
“Leadership really cares about the people who make up the company as well as the customers.”
– Emory Sullivan

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